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The Problem

Division is killing our democracy.

Partisan politics have pushed our government to the brink of collapse. The Senate is a legislative graveyard, the House passes bills that will never become law, the legitimacy of the Supreme Court is in question, and we barely survived a hotly contested presidential election. 

The two party system makes radicals of us all.

When our only choice is one of two extremes, we are pulled further and further away from the center. As one party radicalizes, the other will radicalize to match. Whether we want to admit it or not, we have all been radicalized by our parties

We've replaced debate with hate.

A Pew Research study concluded that 81% of Republicans and Democrats hold an unfavorable opinion of those belonging to the other party. Americans are less willing to consider the other side of debates, we’d rather let our party tell us what to think.

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