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Moderate Party is a political podcast for Moderates, Centrists, and Independents. Each week, Hillari Lombard will be joined by conservatives, liberals, politicians, journalists, activists, educators, and anyone else who has a good idea for improving our country. She will take an honest look at the week’s news and have inspiring conversations with top political thinkers — all while trying to add some energy to the Moderate Movement.

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Meet the Host

Hillari Lombard

Hillari is a designer, a web developer, an avid debater, and most likely to talk politics at a dinner party (against her better judgement). She grew up in a swing state, and brought that compromise oriented pragmatism with her to the great state of California. 

Outside of Podcasting, Hillari spends her time designing cool stuff, writing code, and arguing that Greta Gerwig was robbed at the Academy Awards

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