What makes a moderate?

In this week’s uniquely ranty episode, Hillari Lombard talks about the fallout from our Dobbs episode, dives into this positive, and productive, moment in American

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Moderate Party Podcast is coming back one week earlier than expected for a bonus episode about the Supreme Courts decision to overturn Roe v Wade

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Lessons from Icarus

What is going on with President Biden’s poll numbers? He entered office with higher approval than Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, or George W. Bush…but a

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It’s your flag too.

Hillari Lombard talks about Patriotism and American Exceptionalism in a rant that includes Demi Lovato, Gandhi, and the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

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Memorial Day

BONUS EPISODE: Hillari checks in with Modpod listeners on Memorial Day, talks about the origins of memorial day, and examines what this Memorial Day means

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100 days of Joe Biden.

In this episode of Moderate Party, Hillari Lombard reflects on Joe Biden’s first join address to congress, the success of the Biden Administration so far,

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