What Comes Next with Michael Kimmage

Michael Kimmage
Professor of History // Catholic University of America

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What Comes Next with Michael Kimmage

Russian invaded Ukraine a month ago. Since then, Putin has waged a merciless war of aggression against their sovereign neighbor. A lot of media coverage is focused around current events — the war unfolding before our eyes. But this week, Hillari Lombard speaks with Michael Kimmage about what comes next, how this war ends, and the world we will be left with.

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What if Russia Wins?

What if Russia Loses?

What if Russia makes a deal?

Professor of History // Catholic University of America

Michael Kimmage is a professor of history and department chair at the Catholic University of America. He is also a fellow at the German Marshall Fund. From 2014 to 2017, he served on the Secretary’s Policy Planning Staff at the U.S. Department of State, where he held the Russia/Ukraine portfolio. He publishes widely on international affairs, U.S.-Russian relations and American diplomatic history. His latest book, The Abandonment of the West: The History of an Idea in American Foreign Policy, was published by Basic Books in April 2020. He is the chair of the Kennan Institute Advisory Council.

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